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平行運動 Parallel motion
When making the length of the arm which faces a parallel exercise mechanism the same, the facing each other arm is the preparing to become always parallel.

■ ワイパーのしかけ
■ The mechanism of the wiper
It is the preparing which is used for the wipers such as the bus and the track. .
The upper and lower arm ( white ) is the same length. The arm ( light blue ) on either side is the same length.
When the power axis ( black ) moves to either side like the fan, the part ( the orange ) of the rubber of the wiper is always vertical to the white arm.

■ 平行定規のしかけ
■ The mechanism of the parallel ruler
The length among the facing each other joints is the same.
The ruler ( the orange ) above runs in parallel to the ruler ( light blue ) below. It is used to draw parallel lines when drawing drafting.
It understands if the understanding difficulty comes when explained by the word but it is possible to see a figure below.

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