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歯車 Gearing
■ 下の図は8枚歯の歯車です。ペイント(ソフト)で作図するのには、8枚が都合がいいので8枚にしています。
■ 歯車を作図する時の計算式です。ピッチ(p)=( d×π)÷歯の数
pはピッチ、dはピッチ円の直径、πは3.14 です。
■ 歯車を電動いとのこで切り出すときは、想像している以上にユックリと確実に切ることをお勧めします(私はセッカチなので、よく失敗します)。
■ 歯車を切り出したら、端材に歯車の軸を通す穴を空けて、歯車がうまくかみ合って回るのか、確かめてみることをお勧めします。

The gear can tell power surely compared with the belt to slide and the frictional wheel it is easy slide.
Usually, the mechanism to imagine automata most will are a gear .
■The figure below is the gear of eight sheets of teeth.
It makes eight sheets because eight sheets are convenient to draw a figure with the paint ( the software ).
Actually, when making a gear, it thinks that 12 sheets are good.
Also, when making the teeth which are fewer than eight sheets, the movement seems to become awkward.
■It is the arithmetic expression when constructing a gear.
The pace (p)=( d×π) ÷ The number of the teeth
p is a pace, d is the diameter of the pitch circle and π is 3.14.
■When cutting down a gear in electric scroll saw, it recommends slowly and to cut surely more than it imagines.
■If cutting down a gear, it recommends to make a hole in the timber which isn't necessary and to attempt to ascertain whether or not the gear meshes successfully and whether or not it turns.

■ ラックとピニオン
■ The rack and the pinion
When the pinion ( light blue ) turns, the rack ( the orange ) move straight.
Also, it is formed in the converse, too.

■ ピン歯車
■ (ご注意)  図のピン歯車のピンは細すぎます。

■ The pin gear
It was before the gear which was often used for the machine but at present, it became not used.
The bevel gear will be efficient more.
However, because it is difficult, that to make a bevel gear is wood, it often uses a pin gear for the automata construction.
■ The pin of the pin gear of the figure is too thin.

参考写真 The reference photograph
■ 歯車列
■ The gear train
It is in 24 sheets that the number of teeth of the gear of the photograph below is big.
It is 16 sheets that are small.
In case of the combination of the photograph, when turning a small gear on the right in 9, the big gear on the left turns in 4.
Also, the gear on the right and the gear at the center backlash.
Then, the gear on the left and the gear on the right turn to the same direction.
That is, when the axis of the gear is an even number, it backlashes and in case of the odd axis, it turns to the same direction.
( It is complicated! )

参考写真 The reference photograph

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