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固定方法 Fixing
■ シャフトへの固定方法
■ 木のこぐちは接着剤を吸い込んでしまって、接着出来ないときがあります。そんな時はこの固定方法が効果があります。
■ It is a fixation method to the shaft .
The figure is the manner of the fixation on the shaft of the board cam.
A part ( the orange ) for the reinforcement is glued together by the cam ( light blue ).
It makes a hole in the part ( the orange ) for the reinforcement and the shaft ( white ).
It fixes through the pin ( green ) or the screw in the hole.
■It has sucked glue and there is time when it isn't possible to glue together in the cut end of the wood.
In such a case, there is an effect in this fixation method.

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