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永久運動 The perpetual motion
「そんな虫のいい。 あほらしい。」と私は思いますが、今でも永久機関のような研究がされています。例えば、超伝導などがそれではないでしょうか?
 The perpetual motion
The human being thought that it does " does it move forever and isn't it possible to continue a machine? " next when he became able to create a machine.
" It is impossible? ridiculous " and I think but a research like the perpetual institution is even now done.
For example, will the superconductivity and so on are not it ?

■ 図は15世紀に考えられた永久運動だそうです。
■ A figure is said to be the perpetual motion which was thought of in the 15th century.
I thought that it does " that this changes so "
but don't move actually.
The turn power which tries to move around to the right and the turn power which tries to move around to the left balance and don't turn.

ご注意 この機構は動きません。
Note  This mechanism doesn't change.

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