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カム Cams
I often use a cam mechanism for the automata construction .
The cam is the nice mechanism which it is possible to make make a variety of movements a figure in the form

■ カム1(偏心カム)

■ Cam 1
The shaft is going through the place to have been in the center of cam(light blue) having to do with a disk .
When the cam turns, the stick (orenge) which touches the top goes up and down .

参考写真 The reference photograph

■ カム2(楕円のカム)
■ Cam 2 
When the cam(light blue) turns in 1, the stick (orenge ) wich touches the top of the cam goes twice up and down .
In case of the cam in 3 corners, the stick goes three times up and down . In case of the cam in 4 corners, it goes four time up and down .light blue

■ カム3

■ Cam 3 
The stick (orenge ) wich touches the top of the cam rise an falls in the position of the notch of the cam .

参考写真 The reference photograph

■ カム4

■ Cam 4
WIle the cam ( light blue) turns in 1, The stick (orenge ) wich touches the top of the cam rise, and returns and it falls and returns .

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