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ベルトとプーリー Belting and pulley
■ プーリーの作り方は木工旋盤を使って、V字の溝を作る方法がいいと思います。「旋盤はもってないよ!」という方は厚みの薄い円盤3枚を接着して作るというのはいかがでしょうか? 3枚の真ん中の円盤は少し小さな直径にします。

The convenience of the belt and pooley mechanism is that the distance among the axes can be suitably set.
However, to transmit power surely, it is bad compared with the gear because there is possibility of the slip.
■ It thinks that the way of making the ditch of the V shape using the woodcraft lathe is good about pooley's way of making.
How will it say that it glues together three sheets of disks with thin thickness and that it makes to say " I don't have a lathe! "?
It makes a disk at the center of three sheets an a little small diameter.

参考写真 The reference photograph

■ ベルトとプーリー1
■ The belt and pooley 1
In the figure on the left, two pieces of pooley move around in the same direction.
When making pooley ( small pooley ) on the right a half with the diameter of pooley on the left, pooley on the right turns by twice.

■ ベルトとプーリー2

■ The belt and pooley 2
When making a belt intersect like the figure on the left, two pieces of pooley turn to the opposite direction.

■ ベルトとプーリー3
■ The belt and pooley 3
The figure on the left is the mechanism which used pooley for the guide.
■ ベルトとプーリー4
■ The belt and pooley 4
As for the figure below, pooley's axis intersects vertically.
■ ベルトとプーリー5
■ The belt and pooley 5
As for the figure below, the axis above of two pieces of pooley is shifted.

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