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About the purchase from the foreign countries
Thank you by the contact from you
First, you can not take an order about me when it isn't possible to agree the following matter.
As for the reasen, I am because it is weak in the foreign country word.

The explanation of English used application software the translation.
1)My automata is order creating basically. The work which I have an inventory sends payment immediately after the confirmation.
I create the work that I don't have an inventory by the number of the days to have contacted you with the e-mail after the payment confir mation and send it.
2)It isn't possible to do the returning of a work. Please think well and apply.
3)Even if it suffers an injury with my work, by being to that stuck, I can not compensate. Please think well and apply.
4)When judging the order which I can not trust, an order from you sometimes can not be taken, too.
If you agree above matter, a delivery is in order described from the order.
5)My work asks
If the question meets me about the price of the work and so on from you, it examines the exchange rate with yen and doller the day.
the day from me and it informs you of it with the e-mail. Please turn the price to the work page. ( Please inform of your name, your gender, Is the woman the OBJ DO or maider marriage, and e-mail address. )
Please make the subject of the e-mail " the question of automata".
6)The application of the purchase
( It supposes that you agreed the above agreement document about your sending order e-mail.)
Please inform me of the following matter in e-mail( Please send in the text form).
7)The item number, The title 8)manual or electric ? 9)The number 10)Isn't the acrylic fiber cover needed or isn't.
(Note) The total amount of the order from you make equal to or more than 60,000yen become.

11)The kind of the load(Choose from the kind of the table below.)
12) Need of the guarantee, unnecessary.(The gurantee premiume is necessary.)
13)Your name 14)Your address 15)Your phone number 16)Your fax number 17)Your e-mail adress.

In case of specification of the end of the report except your home.
18)The name and adress at the end of the report except your home. 19)The phone number at the end of the report. 20)The fax number at the end of the report.
If not interfering
21)Your age. 22)Your gender. 23)Your occupation. 24)The opinion this home page.
Please inform me of above in e-mail.
Please make the subject of the e-mail " the order of the automata".
It betrays your personal information outside, not being in your permission and not having been held.

■The kind of the load and the standard of the delivery required number of days.
The kind of the load The number of days
b) EMS It informs you of the number of most of the delivery dates from me.

It sends the e-mail of the confirmation from me within 7 days ( excluding a weekend ) from the application from you.( The merchandise charge + packing charge + postage, the delivery schedule, other )
When there is not a contact from me even if it passes, please inform of the 9th once again because it thinks that there was some mistake.

Confirm the contents of the e-mail from me and OK, not to be necessary or inform me of them.
25)The payment
We request payment with the international postal money order.
Please take a remittance procedure to original in the information about my address, on my name and so on in the total amount which got in touch with the e-mail from me at your nearest post office. ( Always, send it with the international postal money order. In Japan, the exchange except the domestic business money order and the mail system in your country can not be cashed. )
Also, for me, directly, when sending a deed, always send it in EMS ( Express Mail ) please.

26) Note
As for the international postal money order, the fee, a delivery fee are taken. Also, the customs duties may be sometime taken.
27)The delivery of the work
If confirming payment from you,
The work which has an inventory depends for the delivery preparation at once.
The work which doesn't have an inventory is a getting in touch appointed date of delivery, and it manufactures and delivers.
It sends the e-mail of the delivery completion to you after delivery.
As for the unclear thing, give contact with e-mail, being casual.
It writes proximal in the online shopping law.
The distributor. Yoshihiro Baba
The representantive. Yoshihiro Baba
The location. oshizawadai 3-11-9 Kasugai city Aichi pref Japan The zip code 487-0005
URL http://bbb.if.tv/index.html
e-mail bbb@if.tv
(Please contact me with the e-mail because I can not speak English. I am using translation software.)
The price of product. It is an entry in the work introduction page.
The method of payment with price. Please use an international postal money order. For details,
refer to the About the purchase page.
The fee except the merchandise charge. The fee, the delivery fee of the international postal money order, the package fee, the postage of the work are taken for the thing except the work price. Also, the customs duties may be sometime taken.
The delivery time. The work which has an inventory after the confirmation delivers payment at once. It delivers the work which doesn't have an inventory after creating in the getting in touch period.

<In the case of Kuroneko yamato mail.>
I cannot deal with the order from the foreign countries (besides Japan).
The postage It examines the postage and it informs of it with e-mail.
The returning It isn't possible to do returning.

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1) 私のオートマタは基本的に受注制作です。在庫の有る物は、お支払い確認後、すぐ送らさせていただきます。在庫のない物は、お支払い確認後、メールにて連絡した日数で制作して送ります。
) 返品は出来ません。よくお考えのうえ、お申し込み下さい。
) 作品で怪我をされても、責任を負う事は出来ません。
4) 私から見て、信用出来ないご注文は、受けられないこともあります。

5) 作品へのお問い合わせ
( 貴方がご注文メールを送ることは、貴方が上記同意文書に同意していただいたものとします。)

6) お申し込み
7)作品NO. タイトル 8)手動か?電動か?)個数 10)アクリルカバーがいる?いらない?
■ご注意 ご注文の合計金額が¥60,000以上になるようにして下さい。

11)荷の種類(下の表の種類を選んでください。) 12)保証の必要、不必要(保証の掛け金がいります。) 
お客様のお名前 14)ご住所 15)電話番号 16)ファックス番号 17)メールアドレス 

18)ご自宅以外のお届け先 19)お届け先電話番号 20)お届け先ファックス番号 
21)年齢 22)性別 23)職業 24)ご意見、ご希望

種類 日数
b) EMS

あなたの最寄の郵便局にメールにて連絡した合計金額を私どもの住所、氏名などの情報を元に送金手続きをとってください。(必ず国際郵便為替で送ってください。あなたの国の国内用郵便為替や郵便システム以外の為替は、日本で現金化できません。) また、私宛に直接、証書を送る場合は、必ずEMS(Express Mail)で送って下さい。

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